ーMusic Omotenashi Sistersー
特にTikTokやYouTubeで公開したジョジョの奇妙な冒険のBGM「JOJO's Bizarre Adventure "il vento d'oro」が話題となった。

2023年12月20日にはアメリカ凱旋LIVE「MOSFESTA2nd」を渋谷Spotify O-EASTにて開催した。2024年3月17日に渋谷WWWにて「MOSFESTA 3rd」を開催。
今夏には無料ツアー「MOS GOES TO YOUR TOWN」の開催も発表され、現在第2弾の「九州編」開催に向けたクラウドファンディングに挑戦中。
また、8月24日には西日本最大級の夏フェス「10th WILD BUNCH FEST. 2024」に出演が決定。
7月5日(金)にNew Single「PEACE!」をリリース。

four-member Japanese wind instrument girl group that embodies brass psychedelics as artists who convey the charm of wind instruments to the world.
They advocate neo brass band music and perform "bladan," a fusion of brass and dance, to bring the wonder of Japanese brass band music (suisogaku) to the world.
The number of followers on the various social networking services started in April 2020 has now exceeded 1.5 million.
In particular, "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure "il vento d'oro," the background music of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, released on TikTok and YouTube, has become a hot topic.
In July 2023, she appeared on the U.S. audition program "America's Got Talent (season 18)" and received 4 Yes votes from the judges. On March 17, 2024, "MOSFESTA 3rd" was held at Shibuya WWW.
And it was announced that the first LIVE "Koshin Matsuri" will be held in Lotta's hometown Yamanashi on July 27 this year and in Miyu's hometown Nagano on July 28. A free tour "MOS GOES TO YOUR TOWN" has also been announced for this summer, and a crowdfunding challenge is currently underway to hold the second "Kyushu leg" of the tour.
They will also perform at the 10th WILD BUNCH FEST. 2024, one of the largest summer festivals in western Japan, on August 24,.
New Single "PEACE!" was released on July 5 (Fri.).